Winter Holiday 2016 – Phnom Penh

After Bali, our six-person team slit off into smaller groups. Ben and Elizabeth continued to Hong Kong to meet up with an old college friend and our city teammate, Allister, Ryan went back to the US to continue work, and Clarissa, Jenny, and I went on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia after a short layover in Singapore (wonderful airport).

I only had 1 day in Phnom Penh with Clarissa and Jenny before I left to Bangkok with two of my past friends, Iris and Joey, who are working with ELIC in Cambodia.  Unfortunately, our quick time together in Phnom Penh was not the happiest because one of us had our phone stolen and the only attraction that we saw in the city that day was the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. Thankfully we were still able to enjoy some nice coffee at a few of the different excellent coffee shops in the city. We were also able to save some money by staying with my friends for the time we were there. Even though it was not a very fun time during my time in Cambodia, I do always enjoy visiting with friends, and Clarissa and Jenny were able to move on to Siem Reap to enjoy the ancient temples and wonderful scenery there.