Winter Holiday 2016 – Bangkok

This was the first year that I finally visited the city of Bangkok, after two years of just seeing the different airports. It was nice to travel with Iris and Joey for a little more than a day before we started our Wheaton winter courses.  Bangkok is a big and quite famous city, although there is actually not much in the city that is attractive to me. We did visit the Grand Palace with Wat Phra Kaew and the Emerald Buddha. It was COMPLETELY crowded with tourists! I was actually very surprised with how many tourists filled up the area. There were definitely many more temples and buddhas to visit if we had the time, but the Grand Palace was enough for me during our short visit.

We also had the chance to hang out at a nice coffee shop during the afternoon to work on some of our pre-assignments and relax. I hope to visit the city again in the future and explore more, but I am not sure when that may be.