Winter Holiday 2016 – Bali

After Beijing, six of us then traveled on to Bali, Indonesia with a small layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ben, Clarissa, Elizabeth, Jenny, Ryan, and I were the “Bali Ballers”. Since we only had a few hours in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and the airport is pretty far outside the city, we just had some lunch in “little India” in the city. It was funny to go to Malaysia to eat Indian food, but it was good food so I had no complaints.


When we arrived in Bali, it was late evening so we just got a bite to eat near our hostel and slept for the night. The “day” (a 24-hour trip) to Bali was quite an adventure and we were quite tired. The next morning we headed off to Ubud, Bali, which was the center hub of the island. We were at a really nice hostel where we practically had one villa to ourselves and a nice-sized pool. During our stay in Ubud, we were able to go on a sunrise hike on a volcano, Mt. Batur.

After we stayed at Ubud for 3 days, we returned to Kuta for a few nights. We swam and surfed at the beach, enjoyed the wonderful weather, and relaxed. It was a nice start of the new year and our winter travels.