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Wheaton Winter 2016

This winter we had a course on Intercultural Communication. This was my third “semester” in the Wheaton TESOL and Intercultural Studies MA program through ELIC. Every winter in Thailand and every summer in Wheaton College (near Chicago) we have courses, and the program lasts about 3 years. I was very excited about this winter course because it was a 4 credit, 2-week course where we gain practical knowledge that could be used everywhere. The class was very insightful with lots of in-class discussions since we had completed the readings and pre-assignments before the class started. I was also glad that our class is quite diverse and so we can enjoy many different perspectives in our discussions.


Also, since the class was the only class that we had for 2 weeks (usually we have two classes), we were able to enjoy some extra downtime since we were not quite as bogged down with assignments. As a result, I was able to finally watch Star Wars 7 with some of my classmates, visit the Tiger Kingdom, complete an Escape Hunt adventure, learn how to cook Thai food, and even go zip-lining.