College Life

Quick Trip to Xi’an

This year our school gave us an extra 2-day holiday during the Tomb-sweeping Festival due to high school testing that our campus will be hosting on Thursday and Friday. (I don’t always know or understand the reasoning for the decisions or happenings at my school. I usually find it easier to just go along and find the answers later.) Still, thankful for the long weekend, some of my teammates and I planned a short trip to Xi’an, China to visit friends and explore the very historical city and famous landmarks.

During the quick trip to Xi’an, we were able to see the famous Bell Tower, (which looks really neat at night, all lit up), bike on the city wall (which is quite large and very impressive), tour the small street stands and markets, try some of the delicious food (including the biang biang noodles – biang is one of the most complex Chinese characters), and visit the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition and Museum.

We also had the opportunity to visit Xianyang, a small city north of Xi’an to visit some fellow teachers at the Tibet Minzu University. I always enjoy visiting other campuses and watching campus life in different places. We ate lunch at a small Tibetan-style restaurant near the campus which was a neat place to try some Tibetan foods and drinks.