College Life

Making Up Classes from Thanksgiving

The part of my trip back to the States that I would have most likely not mentioned are the make-up classes.  When I was home for my brother’s wedding and for Thanksgiving, there were still classes going on back at school (HIFL).  As I mentioned previously, the only holidays that we get during the semester are one week in October and one week in May.


Students during their 10 minute mid-class break.

Since I missed a week, I had to previously plan for a time to make up the classes at a different time. For this trip I decided to simply make up my classes after I returned.  So the two weeks after I returned from the US I was teaching an additional 4 hours (including a Friday class from 4pm-6pm) along with all of my other duties and working on preparations for Christmas. It was a bit of extra work each week and I ended up with the same 3 classes 3-times for those two weeks, but I enjoyed the time. I enjoy the opportunity to spend more time with my students, whether inside or outside of the classroom, although I feel that my students often feel more tired and less motivated with more classes, since they already have 6-8 hours of classes a day.

Students during a short quiz.

Thankfully, through it all, my students and I all finished the semester pretty well, and we were still able to have some fun Christmas celebrations.