College Life

ELIC + Yanda’s 30th Year Anniversary

Yanshan University is a high-level university, also in Qinhuangdao. I have many friends and coworkers I visit there on a weekly basis, and this semester I was blessed to have the opportunity to join in their 30th year partnership between my organization and the university.

It was a fun opportunity to support and help prepare for the event, and I was also thankful to have the opportunity to talk with sit down and talk several of the Chinese teachers and fellow American teachers at one of the tables during the dinner. I was mostly there for support and to observe how things worked to help me prepare for the 10th year partnership anniversary that would hopefully take place at my school 2 years from now.

I was encouraged to see the growth and impact of the school and all of the teachers over the past 30 years, and I enjoyed hearing from some of the more experienced teachers who had worked at Yanshan University 15 or more years ago, to hear about how much it has changed and improved. I also look forward to seeing and helping be a part of more great change and growth to continue in the coming years.