College Life

Classroom Observations

One aspect of teaching which I do enjoy, yet often don’t do enough, is observing other teachers. Both my organization and the Wheaton program have helped encourage me to observe my fellow coworkers more, and at times it seems more helpful for me as it may be for the people I observe.

Part of the role of Team Leader through my organization at my school is to organize qualified teachers to routinely observe and provide feedback to each of the American teachers at my school. It is an opportunity to see the growth and ability of my coworkers as well as to encourage and challenge them to keep striving to continue becoming better teachers to the students. Each of my teammates this year have great qualities which they use in and out of the classroom to encourage, support, and motivate their students to keep learning and studying, which is a blessing to see.

Another great part of observing my coworkers is learning new activities and methodologies that I could incorporate in my own classes. It’s a great way for me to be back in the students’ perspective in the classroom, and reflect on how I can improve my own teaching while also helping to encourage and provide feedback for my coworkers too.