College Life

Christmas Decorating

After all of my travels this fall semester and making up all of my missed classes, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time to decorate everything for Christmas by myself. I decided to invite one class of my students over to help me put up my Christmas tree, decorate it, and make some Christmas cookies. Out of the 17 students in the class, only 4 came, but it turned out wonderful. I was glad that they were all friends and there were 2 girls and 2 boys, Lorena, Daniela, Emilio, y Alex (their Spanish names).


I was glad to be able to use some of the food decorating products that I got from the US which you can’t find easily in China. My students seemed to have fun gaining a better understanding of some American Christmas customs. I enjoyed the ability to spend some more time with them outside of the classroom, and I even discovered that one of my students who doesn’t talk as much in class just needs a longer time to process information, but that he is still just as capable as the rest of my higher level students. It was a fun time to hang out and learn a little more about each other!