ATC 2016


ATC stands for, Annual Thailand Conference, which is when all of the teachers in our organization come together to meet, fellowship, and attend some professional development seminars. Like last year, I also attended the leadership meetings which was for two days before ATC officially started. I do really enjoy attending the meetings so that I can see and meet many wonderful people who understand the joys and difficulties of working overseas (often better than I do), and I get to know more detailed information about the great work that’s happening around the globe. Also during the conference, Michael Card presented as our guest speaker, and his words were very encouraging and insightful for me. And his music was just as good.


By the end of conference, I am very tired and mentally drained from all of the meetings and conversations, but it’s such a blessing. I look forward to ATC every year, and I always learn a lot! It was a good time to reunite with old friends and make a number of new friends. I wish I would have had more time to meet and talk with more people, but I was still thankful for the time that I did have. I look forward to keeping in contact with as many people as I can throughout the year, and hopefully seeing many of them again next year. It was also nice to get pictures with the rest of who is left from my first team as well as my current team.